Ensure you have that WOW Factor with JOOP!’s new fragrance WOW!

Joop! Has to be up there with Ck one as one if not the most iconic and fondly remembered men’s fragrance of the 1990’s, that heady scent that you couldn’t avoid whenever you entered a bar or nightclub from Aberdeen to Abu Dhabi and Zurich to Zakinthos.

Well it’s a different century, decade and that calls for a different type of fragrance, step forward JOOP! WOW! For their new masculine signature fragrance, JOOP! take us on a journey of transformation: a journey that leads us to being powerful, confident and accomplished. In the process, JOOP! WOW! extends the JOOP! fragrance house to a more strong-willed, free-spirited man who has nothing to prove, to himself or to others.

So prepare to be surprised, like Clothes make the man so to does the scent. JOOP! WOW! provokes a surprising, fresh woody aroma. JOOP! WOW! awakens all the senses with captivating top notes of Bergamot, Cardamom and Violet-leaf… a sensitive combination of spicy effect and effervescent freshness, virile and elegant. Then leads into a blend of rich absolutes: sensual Fir Balsam, darkly masculine Tonka Bean and warming Vanilla Surabsolute fuse together in a hypnotizing blend, totally not what you were expecting from this fragrance.


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