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Words by Charlie Britton

Matches Activewear

Keeping fit is something we all focus on increasingly more to say the least on the turn of the new year. The attitude of almost every man alike shifts towards a healthier lifestyle and focus on improving body image and well-being. Getting fit is also part of an emotional journey. We focus on the minds attitude towards foods, our conscious external image and our ability to be able to run up an underground escalator without the feeling of grim reaper passing by upon reaching the summit.

One things for sure, running around the block in a pair of oil stained tracksuit bottoms and beat up sketchers is not the ideal workout look. We need clothes that make us feel positive and encouraged about getting fit, and the brands we know and love haven’t failed to deliver. Here are the latest and coolest sports and active wear collections you can get right now, come on what are you waiting for ?  –

Burton Sports RangeBurton Menswear  have released a sports range designed for moving. Whether you’re hitting the gym for some high intensity training or popping out for a light jog (not that I think jogging is light work), the Burton sports range has got you covered. The monochrome colours from the range go well with everything, so if you’ve already got some kit, this collection is sure to match. The range uses quick dry technology and smart fabrics to regulate the bodies temperature and ensure for a comfortable work-out, while the reflective strips and stretchy fabrics permit for a smart and comfortable active session. The range is available now so if you’re in the mood for a jog, ‘jog on’ and check out their collection.

RI activewear
Another high-street retailer to have recently launched an activewear range are River Island. Their 14 piece sports collection also features monochrome black and grey colours, incorporating blue and yellow details that run throughout the range. River Island have also incorporated smart fabrics throughout the range, making use of mesh linings, showerproof fabrics and breathable microfiber materials to ensure your body stays at its best temperature and comfort throughout your training sessions. Like Burton, River Island have also included features such as sealed zippers and headphone eyelets, allowing for the all important phone or music player to be carried securely while training. The RI collection is available in selected River Island stores now, so check it out.

M&S activewear
Marks and Spencer have also joined the list of high-street retailers to release a new active range. Their 19 piece collection runs almost parallel with River Island, making use of black and grey as their neutral base colours with hints of electric blue throughout. Once again, incorporating smart fabrics into their build, M&S has focused on three essential ingredients to great activewear; Moisture wicking fabrics to keep the wearer dry, stretch fabrics to ensure comfort and reflective trims for safety when training outdoors. This collection is definitely smart and simple, great for anyone who’s looking to dive into the gym to honour their new years resolution. You can find this collection online and in-store now, so what are you waiting for? As the saying goes, ‘On your bike’!

New Look Active Wear
One brand to hit the nail on the head with an activewear range is New Look. They have released a collection that is honestly one of the better ones, merging trends with active and leisure garments. Not only have they developed a collection packed full of the same smart fabrics as the other high-street retailers, but they have taken the design a step further with the colours and prints. Dark teals, reds and blacks are present throughout the collection, with camo and honeycomb prints bringing other garments to life. The camouflage kit is definitely the highlight from this collection, providing us with attitude packed activewear to take you through your fitness routine. This collection is already available online and in-store, so get yourself into gear and get moving gents!

Matches Activewear
Introduced in 2015, the Matches Activewear Studio offers an incredible luxury collection of activewear garments and accessories ideal for any sport occasion. In addition to extending and updating their current range offerings from Adidas by Kolor, Fendi Active and Soar, Matches Fashion are launching new Spring Summer 2017 activewear collections by AEANCE, Cafe du Cycliste and a new accessory range by Casall. Matches definitely have a comprehensive and thorough range of activewear pieces where you can discover some beautifully engineered and fashionably on trend garments that are guaranteed to boost your ‘fitness goals’ motivation. If you’re on the hunt for some exceptionally flattering fitness gear that’s guaranteed to turn heads and features the latest technical fabrics, Matches Activewear Studio might just be the perfect choice for you. Their updated and extended activewear ranges have only just been launched too, so check them out if you’re serious about picking up some serious kit.

mens gym clothes
So there you have it, our favourite activewear ranges who we feel are really pulling their weight (another amazing fitness pun) this season. There are quite a few more amazing activewear ranges from the likes of Ted Baker to BooHoo Man, so if you’re in the market for some new gear, you might find yourself stuck for choice, or that might just be an excuse, but who am I to judge? Whatever your choice, I’m sure it’ll help you get to that goal and smash that new year’s resolution you’re starting to wish you never made. On a final note, as good ol’ Arnold Schwarzenegger used to say, ‘If it jiggles, it’s fat’… Cheers Arnie, if that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is.


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