Gift Ideas for the children in your LIfe

img_8461Yes, dear God above if your household is anything like our at this time of year your constantly spelling out words or having to leave the room to partake in some clandestine conversation about some toy or other and the level of secrecy you are having to undertake puts the KGB to shame, all so your child is overwhelmed with excitement come the big day. As always, it goes without saying, we are on it on your behalf scouring both on and off line for great ideas to help take the pressure off. Hey if it means you enjoy one more mulled wine or mince pie, it was all worth while. So enjoy our gift guide in conjunction with The White Company to bring you some splendid inspiration for gifts for the kids in your life.


Top of Toy Emporium, Hamleys, list of Christmas toys for 2016 is Pie Face Showdown, a gift for all the family and even more fun after a couple of post Christmas Dinner Snowballs.


If he didn’t get on your nerves the first time round, this time he’ll do it. You can now interact with your Furby Connect by petting, tickling, shaking, turning upside down, or even moving its antenna like a joystick ??? It has more than 150 colourful eye animations and goes to sleep when you put the included sleep mask on, thank God. Plus, the Furby gets updates and learns new phrases with the app, and even has a light-up antenna that glows when theres something new to discover in the app!


One for the young and young at heart. You know we here at Clothes-Make-the-Man can’t resist anything Star Wars and as the anticipation grows until the release of Rogue One-A Star Wars Story we couldn’t resist this brilliant Star Wars Lego set of Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle. May the force be with you.

img_0336Nerf’s Mastodon blaster is a serious piece of kit. It fires soft foam bullets from its 24-dart drum. “It takes the Nerf gun, an old favourite, to another level. This is really for taking on Dad on Christmas Day,” said Sarah Strangeway, head of buying at Hamleys.


Looks like the demand for Smart Watches isn’t waning anytime soon, even kids are getting in on the act with the V-Tech Kidizoom Smart Watch you can learn to tell the time, play games and even record their exercise and movement.


Who doesn’t want a giant soft Penguin in their life ? OK don’t worry, The White Company do them in all sorts of sizes.


Nice to see an old favourite still prove to be as popular as ever and make it onto the Top Ten most desirable list. Mystify and amaze with this Magic set from Marvin’s Magic.


Re-live one of cinema’s most iconic moments, well I think so, pretend to be Tom Hanks in ‘BIG’ with your very own gigantic Piano keyboard. Simply put it on the ground and let your feet pick out a melody. It comes with seven different musical instrument settings and saves and plays back your performances and compositions. It is also a fun and ideal way to get children interested in taking up an instrument.


This is a perfect example of buying something under the guise of, it’s for the kids. The Ultradrone X31.0 Explorers Quadcopter provides hours of entertainment for adults and children alike. It’s a unique 6 axis stabilisation system gives this drone the ability to hover and go through a full 360 degree rotation. The easy to use, hand held radio control unit allows you to fully control the movements of the drone. It has a controllable distance of about 50metres.


Some day you too will fly away with this great CHILDREN’s trampoline, i.e. No for adults particularly after a few sherries. Let your little ones bounce away all that extra energy built up with the excitement of Christmas.



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