Sock it to em with Look Mate

imageYes it’s that time of year again when, yes we start to think about what to buy loved ones for the fast approaching Yuletide, but we also need to think about ourselves and maybe more importantly what we DON’T want as Christmas presents. If you haven’t started dropping hints already, please let does do this service for you and leave this post wide open under the necessary relative who needs that little bit of assistant when it comes to present buying for yours truly.

Without fail, as sure as you can bet on a poor quality flop song from a “talent” show “winner” trying to get to number 1. You sure as hell can expect to be given socks and underwear for Christmas, whether it be Great Auntie Mabel or the Outlaws, socks are always seen as a safe bet for you. Now, I’m sure like me Mr Men Novelty sock were a lovely gift when we were 6, but WE’RE NOT 6 ANYMORE ! So do yourself a favour and start dropping those hint about socks you will wear, like Look Mate.

imageLook Mate is a luxury sock brand aiming to unite everyday functionality with exceptional creativity. Founded in early 2015 by, get ready for it, accountant and entrepreneur Vahan Hovhannisyan and his brother, who had long aspired to create their own brand. They made two lists, no not a naughty and nice list. One was a list of people they wanted to work with, the other was a list of things they felt passionately about, fashion and functionality, and they recognised that the two can be intertwined. Their aim behind their brand was to work with aspiring and inspiring creatives to bring an innovative product that cuts above the rest in delivering a high quality everyday item.

works with designers from all creative walks of life such as furniture designers to visual artists, each of whom have crafted a sock design to embody their own individual themes and personality. Each month Look Mate release a new design collaboration, their latest collaboration ’Supermundane’ by renowned designer and illustrator Rob Lowe, no not him, along with their Christmas socks by Swedish designer Kiki Ljung.image


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