The Clue’s in its Name – The Savile Row Company

img_0239The Savile Row Company, is nestled in, you guessed it, the heart of the Great British suiting homeland. Its prestigious address of No 40, it’s home since 1998, but the company stretches back to 1938. The business has evolved tremendously but the constant is family. ‘We are not businessmen who went into clothing retail. We are a 3rd generation family company steeped in the tradition of tailoring fine clothing for men,’ says Jeffrey Doltis, Managing Director. Today, The Savile Row Company remains the same family run business as when they started out and retains all of the principles that one would expect from such specialists, bringing years of experience in master tailoring and making luxury garments.

img_0235The Brand has prided itself on providing its customers with luxury clothing at affordable prices while maintaining an exceptional level of customer service. These values are the cornerstone on which the company has been built and on being able to maintain these high standards across the business. In 2001, The Savile Row Company became one of the first male fashion companies to go online and now has a successful multi-currency website targeting the UK, US, Australia and Europe shipping to over 80 countries worldwide. They responsibly source all of the products in their range ensuring that every item is designed and crafted with the utmost care regarding ethics and the environment.

img_0236The latest chapter in their innovation is incorporating all the brand has learnt over their 78 years, as they launch their Made to Measure service for suiting & shirts on-line. Made to Measure service has always been reserved for only wealthy style connoisseurs, but The Savile Row Company are utilising their years of experience in bespoke suiting and shirts to make Savile Row custom tailoring more accessible.

Customers have the opportunity to be integral to, literally, every aspect of the garment, design and feel of their Made to Measure clothing. Choosing from up to 16 different fabrics for suiting and 32 for shirting, the buyer can define the smallest of details – lining, buttons, button holes, stitching, lapels, cuffs and even embroidered monograms (for that truly luxury feel)– customers create the DNA for their Made to Measure suit or shirt.

img_0240Shirting is now available to order online giving an in store experience at the shoppers leisure. Simple to follow, on-line videos are available to guide you through each step of the process of measuring and picking all the finer details. Each shirt is then tailor made in their UK based studio. However, for those who prefer, you can book an appointment at No 40 Savile Row, their London store, for a 121 measurement service which completes that luxury experience, if you so wish.

Plus, with prices starting at £800 for a suit and £100 for a made-to-measure shirt, what’s holding you back !



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