In the dark of the night – 6 of the Best Autumnal fragrances for you

The clocks are about to be set back an hour, all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey (what a great line), like cold slap to the face yes Autumn is upon us. So as sure as you are about to pack away those board shorts and flip flops, you should be thinking the same about the fragrance your sporting. Whilst on a crisp seasonal walk you don’t want to be smelling of light, floral, citrus fruit scents. At this time of year you want to leave a hint of mystery, spice and something if the night in your wake.

Grooming brands do make this easier for you by using colour to denote seasons, for their Summer editions they will use shades of yellow and orange to imply warmth of the Sun and tones of blue and white to point to surf and clear Summer skys. Whereas, for the colder months, it’s all about navy blue and, of course, black. If you go for a fragrance encased in a black bottle, you can be pretty damn sure this is a safe bet for a Autumal fragrance, that will contain such key ingredients as Wood, Leather, Oud, and spices like Saffron, a big favourite at the momen and pepper. Here are six of our favourites for this time of year.










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