THE ART OF PACKING – TUMI ‘s Top 10 tips


imageWith the holiday season well under way, we at, as always, are looking out for your best interests and to offer you invaluable advice. Now because of all this holiday shenanigans, we know no one like packing, it throws up all sorts of issues, leaving it to the last minute, have you packed enough or too much, I really should replace those speedos, yes you really should replace the budgie smugglers, honestly ! Do I have my passport, suncream, travel adaptor. The list is literally endless, as is the headache, until you’re laying on that lounger, relaxed with a bright coloured drink in hand. So, because we think so highly of our beloved readers we sort the advice of the experts, Luggage supremos and connoisseurs TUMI, to give us the inside know how. Since 1975, TUMI has been creating world-class business and travel essentials, designed to upgrade, uncomplicate, and beautify all aspects of life on the move. The brand is sold in over 300 stores from New York to Paris to London and Tokyo,  so they know a thing or two when it comes to packing.

1) First things first. Always check the weather forecast for your destination.

2) Use the TUMI folding pack to pack a separate set of clothes into your brief or personal item, just in case your luggage gets lost.

3) Have an “essentials pack” on hand with painkillers, hand sanitizer, umbrella, etc.

4) Turn your blazer inside out to prevent wrinkling. Pack socks, undergarments and other small items around the handlebars to create a flatpacking surface.

5) Put a dryer sheet inside your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

6) When hanging items, layer garments; blouse/jacket/ pants all can be hung on one hanger. Wrap belts around the inside of the case, insert into shoes, or line collars with them to keep them crisp.

7) Roll clothes instead of folding. (i.e. roll socks and stuff into your shoes.)

8) Unscrew the lids of liquid cosmetics/toiletries and place a simple patch of cling film on the top and screw them back on to prevent any liquids from ruining your trip.

9) Choose the right shoes and wear the heaviest ones to reduce weight in your suitcase.

10) Buy toiletries when you get to your destination or use the ones the hotels provide to reduce space and weight in your bag.



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