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The dapper, and football obsessed, subject of today’s Washbag Wishlist, Dan Rookwood, has an enviable international resume, not only did he study at Cambridge University, where he won the prestigious Student Journalist of the Year. But his past titles include, Editor of Time Out Sydney, Columist for ES Managzine, Style Director of Mens Health UK where he co-wrote the Men’s Health book ‘Build a Cover Model Body’, having twice been a Men’s Health cover model and now he is well and truly an Englishman in New York as U.S. Editor of MRPORTER‘s weekly Journal. We asked Dan what his must have, can’t live without grooming product was, which his answer is;

Whether stuck on a desert island or on a longhaul flight, or perhaps shaking off a heavy night or preparing to go out for one, the main thing that makes me feel refreshed and ready is brushing my teeth. I could be a bit OCD about this because I brush several times a day using this game-changing Foreo electric toothbrush. But assuming there’s no USB charger or indeed a dentist on my desert island, I’ll make my grooming essential an everlasting supply of Marvis Whitening Toothpaste. Minty fresh.”


Foreo has reworked its innovative ‘Issa’ toothbrush with this ‘Hybrid’ version. The addition of PBT polymer bristles helps brush away heavier plaque build-up without sacrificing the anti-bacterial appeal of the silicone fabrication. Gentle on teeth and gums, it has an adjustable eight-speed interface that allows for effective cleaning, while the pulsating stimulates blood flow to improve the health and appearance of gums.

imageMarvis’ toothpaste is packaged in an apothecary tube and made in Florence, Italy, where the brand has been a trusted favourite for generations. Designed specifically to freshen breath and whiten teeth, this cool mint-flavoured formula is just what you need for a mega-watt smile.



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