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imageDid you know we bought record amounts of cashmere in the UK this winter (like Burberry’s iconic cashmere scarf and Marks & Spencer’s great cashmere knitwear, with sales up 80% this winter). And then we had the warmest, wettest February ever on record (according to NASA), which just so happens to be creating the perfect conditions for a massive Moth Invasion. What’s the connection ? All winter those Moth eggs lay snug and safe in our dark, warm wardrobes, and now its spring their horrible larvae (those tiny caterpillar-like things that actually do the damage) are hatching out. Even now they are munching on their very favourite food, cashmere, at our expense!

As soon as spring is here it’s time to act, and we all need to act quickly. Clothes Moths will be active from April to November. Of course we all want effective deterrents that will save those costly fashion favourites, as I have found to my detriment. But remember, we’ll almost certainly be spraying in bedrooms and closets, breathing harsh – even toxic – chemicals even as we sleep, not a great idea. One of the ‘greenest’ experts fighting at the front line of the War on Moths is The Lemongrass Trading Company, which specialises in pure and natural plant-based insecticides containing no added chemicals, which also happen to smells pretty damn good too.

imageThe Lemongrass Trading Company, was set up in 2013, dedicated to making pure Natural products that are environmentally friendly. Plus all of there products are made on site right here in Dorset, UK. They are launching a new and revolutionary formula that targets not just the adult moths but also the actual larvae. It’s a new version of their best seller, the 100% Natural Lemongrass & Cedarwood Anti-Moth Spray. It is non-toxic and chemical free.

Stacy Marking, founder and CEO of The LEMONGRASS TRADING COMPANY Ltd, has given us her “Six Weapons of Moth Destruction”. The advice is really sound, and, though  a pain to do, it is really worth following. (I don’t always bother, and I always regret it! Like last year) which is specially tailored for Men’s Clothes:

  1. First, once you see a small beige adult moth fluttering out of your closet the damage may already have been done. Spray it or swat it – definitely seek to kill the moth before it can lay its eggs (up to 50 in a female’s lifetime.
  2. Clean out closet or drawer as thoroughly as you can.
  3. Wash and clean the garments.
  4. It’s not the Moth but the newly hatched Larva (that horrible little white-caterpillar like thing that munches those holes in cashmere sweaters or expensive suits. Moths love expensive fabrics, and go for any spot of dirt, trace of sweat, or even a splash of wine, on which the hatching larva can feed. That’s why the new unique spray has an added ingredient that targets the Larvae.
  5. For Men’s Suits – it is not good for these expensive fabrics to be dry cleaned too often (and dry cleaning doesn’t kill off the moths eggs), so try sponging them down lightly before you hang them up.
  6. For Cashmere and other Sweaters: put each one into a plastic bag, singly. If you can, put this in the freezer. But, even if not, if moth eggs do hatch, at least the larvae will only destroy one sweater at a time. Clear plastic is practical, as then you can see which is which.



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