An end to damp filled holidays – Didriksons, Scandinavia’s biggest brand of rainwear and functional garments.

imageI know I’m not alone on this point, because one of the many endearing qualities which drew me to the long suffering Mrs Mc in the first place, was our shared torturous, sorry idyllic childhood holidays spent within Britain and Ireland. You know the ones, being blown up and down a promenade by gale force winds or blowing rain drops off your nose in a torrential shower, while being told, “Stop being soft, It’ll pass in a minute,” all the whilst this happening at the height of our British holiday season in Balmy August. Ahhhh, character building, well that’s what I tell the kids now anyway.

imageWhat I would have given back then for some good quality, non embarrassing wet weather gear, that didn’t make you look like you were setting sail for a month aboard a deep sea trawler. Well do you know what, I have the solution to my, I mean our prayers. Just think the summer holidays, festival season or even the commute to work needn’t be a complete washout, even when the weather forecasts for the UK are wet and miserable. Make sure you’re covered for any sudden downpour with Didriksons, who produce stylish waterproof and windproof designs for the whole family to keep you sheltered from the wind and rain ensuring that the outdoors fun lasts all season. Yeah !

imageDidriksons apply a simple philosophy: “we don’t challenge the elements, we adapt to them.” Way back in 1913 Julius and Hanna Didrikson began producing workwear for the fishermen in Grundsund, on the edge of Sweden’s western coast. For over a hundred years now the brand have been faithful to this basic principles. Making functional clothing that keeps you dry and comfortable regardless of the weather and as result of this a hundred years later, they are Scandinavia’s biggest brand of rainwear and functional garments.

Didriksons is still a family run business today, but the world is very different to the one Julius and Hanna started their business in. The brand prides self on constantly striving to reduce their environmental impact, and leave as small a footprint as possible behind them, here here. They minimise the use of chemicals, no toxic substances, and use as little water, energy and transport as they can in the production.



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