Elemental in their fragrance – Ted Baker’s travel Tonic Trio

imageAs our thoughts turn to the notion of packing our bags and journeying on a jet plane to some sunnier climb, leaving our troubles and woes behind for a week or two. Any globetrotter, worth his salt, knows, that maintaining impeccable style whilst travelling is of the utmost importance.

And maintaining this demeanour whilst travelling is equally imperative. For this very reason Ted Baker have conjured up three new travel sized tonics. Available in gold, silver or copper. Each Travel Tonic is slim line and portable, making for a rare and refined addition to any travel collection.

Created to compliment the essence of a man’s jet-set lifestyle, these distinguished Travel Tonics are inspired by three treasured metals. Fusing style with substance, each sophisticated fragrance ensures you always spark a reaction, wherever in the world you may find yourself.

Getting their names from their periodical table reference, firstly we have, Au, Gold in colour and The last word in masculinity, this immaculate and enduring fragrance is crafted for the modern day man who believes the devil is in the detail.

Notes of bergamot and clove deepen to a dazzling heart of jasmine and a base of musk and vanilla. Meticulously blended and supremely invigorating, Au is a mark of distinction for any collection.

Then we have Ag, Silver, of course, A signature scent for those who like to make an entrance, Ag ensures a lasting impression.

Melting from notes of bergamot and violet leaf to an earthy heart of leather and warm cedarwood, this dramatic and distinctive scent captures the essence of refinement. And last but by no means in third place is Cu, standing for Copper. This dynamic and striking scent suits the discerning gent with an eye for style and a taste for sophistication.

A unique fragrance that’s at once smooth and spicy, Cu captures the attention with a rich blend of zingy grapefruit and smoky pepper, contrasted with base notes of patchouli. Ideal for traveling over night or longer.


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