Not looking bad for their age – Penfield’s 40th Anniversary

imageEstablished in Hudson, Massachusetts by New England Native Harvey Gross in 1975. Penfield, was founded on a motto of ‘for life in the open’ and is one of the original U.S. outdoor brands. As you’d expect with a brand of this calibre who have built a reputation for being relied on and trusted for producing high quality, stylish apparel and accessories.

imageThis year sees Penfield celebrates its 40th anniversary and have selected two of their most iconic styles to be offered on a limited edition basis. These styles have been designed with a one-off anniversary fabric created using original design drawings and spec sheets dating back to 1975 (see above). The two styles include the limited edition Kasson hooded mountain parka(see top image) which is recreated in classic navy, with striking petrol can red pop colour zippers and leather cord locks, inspired by the original archive collection.

The other style in the collection is the classic Outback gilet (see below), one of Penfield’s most celebrated styles since the very first collection 40 years ago. Both styles have been lined with a commemorative 40th anniversary lining, a distinctive print of original design drawings from the last 40 years. Included are the drawings of some of our most recognizable styles by, some by the hand of Penfield founder, himself, Harvey Gross.image


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