25 years of making Shoes great – Oliver Sweeney’s Silver Anniversary

imageWho doesn’t know shoe Genuis Oliver Sweeney, a cobbler who shoes inspire lust and aspiration and who is all about taking the traditional and making it modern. Founded in Britain in 1989, they’ve been making shoes great for over 25 years. Taking inspiration from around the world and filtering it through a very British lens, the brand is known for sourcing the highest quality materials to craft shoes, clothing and accessories that reflect a customers’ individuality, flair and success.

I have to say I have great memories of the man himself and on more than one occasion during the late 90’s sharing a drink or six in the Mecca of 90’s twatness that was the Met Bar.

Fast forward to present day and the brand is celebrating its Silver Anniversary! From outfitting the 2003 England Rugby World Cup champion team Sweeney shoes have always been able to make a statement. They’ll be celebrating this milestone year in many different ways and with many different projects as the year progresses, but to kick things off they have started proceedings with the Silver Collection of four Limited Edition shoes.

The brand have developed a special leather treatment together with their dedicated team of Italian artisans based in their factory in the Marche. Using luxury metallic silver leather as a base, they apply a fine black composite skin over the top that can then be brushed off to reveal the silver underneath. Plus they’ve also introduced the Firewriter sole etching service exclusively on the 25th Anniversary Deliceto. Using a heated iron and an intricate template, these shoes can be finished with a bespoke design that’s limited only by your imagination. Then The shoes are finished with a hand-stitched ‘XXV’ on the heel counters, black leather inners with silver foil lettering, and strictly Limited to a numbered Edition of 250 pairs of each style.

To celebrate this anniversary in style, they’ve used this Anniversary leather on 4 different styles;

imageFalerone, a contemporary hi-top with a laser-etched crosshatching panel on the flank
imageOsimo, a classic low-top that features minimal detailing and a swooped stitching line
imageCova, a slip-on trainer style that’s inspired by vintage skate shoes
imageDeliceto, a formal shoe that uses a striking last with a fin-like ridge along the toe


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