It’s a Genie in a bottle – Lab Series Future Rescue Repair Serum

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 16.31.55Out and about training in the sun/rain/wind, sat in front of a computer screen for eight hours, late nights and early starts? Just a handful of the environmental aggressors that could be impacting the health of your skin. LAB SERIES Future Rescue Repair Serum is packed full of 21 patents, that together help create an antioxidant defense for skin.

Focusing on the building blocks of your health with your diet and exercise regime, yeah remember that, good , healthy skin doesn’t just happen ? What about protecting the future of your skin? The Barrier Build Technology, as Lab Series call it,  in Future Rescue Repair Serum helps safeguard, strengthen and fortify the skin’s protective barrier, which helps to prevent future damage to skin’s appearance. This ultra-wet formula absorbs rapidly, helping to promote skin’s natural repair process. Skin receives an antioxidant defense that envelops the epidermal layer to help preserve its appearance, which is perfect for today’s urban man.

Put a hold on the booze in favour of a detox; don’t forget your skin can benefit from a detox too. The Exfoliox within Future Rescue Repair Serum is a blend of ingredients that helps promote natural cell removal, detoxing the skin of dead surface cells.

To be used morning and night, after you have washed your face, yes wash your face before you go to bed, and before you put on your moisturiser. The key is to use sparingly, two to three pumps from this little blue bottle, for a month, will help promote natural cellular repair and supports the skin’s collagen production for younger looking skin.



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  1. 28/09/2015 / 23:52

    sat infront of a computer screen for 8 hours…..damn right i know what you’re talking about. Could be for me.

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