An all Amercian Scent – Alford & Hoff

imageRecognising a void in the market for men’s luxury grooming Barry Alford and Jefferson Hoffman set out to create a lifestyle brand directed at the “New Generation of Men”. Parlaying Jefferson’s business savvy and Barry’s medical industry experience. The duo are bringing a new level of luxury performance to men’s fragrance, with distinctive qualities that define the lifestyle of the next generation of men. Being both gifted athletes, the academic duo recognised the importance of performance, excellence and success to today’s “New Generation of Men” and set out to create a lifestyle brand that was distinctive, approachable and could successfully extend beyond its original product category. Combining entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for promoting confidence and sophistication for the contempory man.

Crafted by world-class perfumer, Rodrigo Flores-Roux of Givaudan, who has been responsible for amongst other well known scents, Calvin Klein’s Reveal for Men,  John Varvatos For Men and Tom Ford’s Private Blend Neroli Portofino. Alford & Hoff Eau de Toilette is for today’s generation of man: Confident, passionate, stylish, successful, masculine and not afraid to take care of himself. A juxtaposition of light and dark, clarity and richness, texture and polish, Alford & Hoff EDT is a modern scent, which includes ingredients ranging from citrus, sweet rum and weathered leather to offer a luxurious fragrance fresh on the top, smooth with an sexy core and deep, rich woody background.

Not bad for a couple of guys from Pheonix and Minnesota, hey ?


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