The Force is Strong in this one – Chunk’s Star Wars Range -COMPETITION TIME

image18th December this year is a date marked on many calendars around the world, as it sees the cinematic event of not only the year but the decade as we witness the first NEW live action Star Wars film in a decade, Star Wars, the Force Awakens.

Now call me a cynic but I’d bet my shirt that we will be inundated with a total mix of merchandise ranging from the incredible Musthaves to the more dubious reject bin fodder. Now my advice would be simple, get in quick and the subject of today’s post has been the first and so far best line I’ve seen, in quite some time.

Since taking their first tentative steps onto the London underground scene more than a decade ago, CHUNK is now widely recognised as a quintessential urban-British label with an international reputation based on originality and that great British sense of humour.

imageWith a unique visual signature informed by bold graphics, tongue-in-cheek humour and smart design quirks, Chunk tees quickly garnered a loyal and enthusiastic fan-base and spawned a number of high-profile collaborations.

This glowing international reputation for producing great and unique collaboration is how their Star Wars partnership came about. Since their first collaboration in 2006 of bold, witty and with a signature twist that makes a CHUNK graphic garment unmistakeable, and many designs such as DJ Yoda, DJ Vader and Class of 77 have attained iconic’ status.

To mark this special year – CHUNK have gone back to the very beginnings of the intergalactic story as the inspiration for the SPring 15 capsule range. Bold, old-skool graphics play out against retro vintage ringer style tees, sweats, hoodies and vests. And to further consolidate the collection’s vintage credentials, the original Star Wars logo created by Ralph McQuarrie in 1975 makes a rare and timely appearance.





Fancy getting your hands on one of these BRIILIANT Tees ? Well you can, it’s simple we’ve got 5 to giveaway and all you have to do between now and Midnight (GMT) 31st March. Is sign up to our & Chunk’s Instagram feed. Yep it truly. Is that simple. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.



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