So much more than a gadget – Bang & Olufsen commemorates its 90th Birthday with the Love Affair Collection

imageLong before their was Apple and their I-this and I-that there was a brand that truly fused anaesthetic beauty and technology. Everything they produced had been throughly thought through and was as much a piece of artwork in itself as the implement it was designed to be used as.

To mark Bang & Olufsen’s ninetieth anniversary, the brand announced the launch of the ‘Love Affair‘ Collection, it sees six of the company’s current products rejuvenated with a new palette option in keeping with the surge in interest towards beautiful materials – especially rose gold, which is experiencing a renaissance in the jewellery industry. One of the most emotive aspects is its underlying meaning. While white gold represents friendship and yellow gold means fidelity, rose gold represents love and is therefore the ultimate inspiration for this collection.

During the roaring 20s, Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen started their journey into technology when it was still an almost magical phenomenon, and with the accompanying flourish of Art Deco, it was clear that luxury, glamour and exuberance were at the heart of the time. Fast-forward 90 years and the company is pleased to launch a collection that truly captures the mood and style of the time, setting the stage for a love affair that could last the ages. Combined with the warm colour fabrics recently developed in a cooperation with fashion designer Stine Goya, the company hopes it will truly capture the hearts of customers who have enjoyed a love affair with the company over the years.

The Love Affair Collection consists the following six current products; the first is the majestic and recently launched BeoVision Avant 85, and then the all-in one entertainment solution BeoVision 11-46 and BeoRemote One. Also included in the range is the extremely popular magic-touch BeoPlay A9 music system and the elegant, lightweight BeoPlay H6 headphones. Last but certainly not least, the collection will include the classic, slender and straight-lined BeoLab 18 with a new walnut lamella front and a cabinet in a stunningly elegant rose golden version.


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