Take it easy on yourself – ABOUT Loungewear

imageAn underwear and Loungewear brand isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Lithuania, in fact thermal underwear under lots of layers of clothes is probably more accurate. But ABOUT has been producing top grade underwear for over 45 years. ABOUT pride themselves on their Baltic heritage and being an innovative underwear brand that, creates for everyone who sees beauty in function and comfort in cuts & materials. This wellness-motivated product range is designed to smart customers and combines the latest technological possibilities and the sense of zeitgeist in design trends.

Their latest innovative range all share healing and sensitive properties including;
· Natural properties of AloeVera
· Moisturizing and soothing properties typical of aloe plant
· Which helps remove and absorb body moisture
· Suitable for sensitive skin
· Hygienic

imageThis fabric for this range was specially made for the ABOUT Trend collection and enriched with /AloeVera/, which is known for its anti-irritation and antibacterial qualities. Garments enriched with this finishing are noted for their moisturizing and soothing properties typical of the aloe plant.

This range is perfect in keeping with ABOUT’s brand ethos which excel in ensuring everyday use and specific needs in wearing underwear – their products are designed with a function in mind. All the time with the modern combination of comfortable to move, functional style and innovative qualities of their products.



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