The Best Part of the Day – Luke Day – Textual Conversation

imageLuke Day‘s resume reads like a wish list for any photographer, stylist or essentially any stylish creative, wanting to cut the mustard in the cut throat Fashion industry. His Editorial credits include Attitude, i-D, Dazed & Confused, V-Man, Arena Homme +, Wonderland, not to mention being the Fashion Director of UK GQ Style but countless  GQ’s & GQ Style from around the world. His Sartorial Midas touch has been responsible for transporting numerous celebs from the Z-list of style right the way to the top of many a best dressed list. From film, music, sport and fashion if they are in need of a dapper pick me up, Luke get’s the call. Now the list of people who Day has answered the phone to, ranges from David Haye, Rhys Ifans, Joe Jonas, Levi’s, Sam Clafin, One Direction, Lyle & Scott, Max Irons, Belstaff, Channing Timageatum, Paul Smith and of course he single handedly transformed the fortunes of some 5 piece, 4 piece currently 3 piece northern band called Take That when they decided to give it another go back in 2006.

In fact in 2008 he was named in The Times UK ‘Music’s Top 20 Star-makers’, citing the industry’s most powerful and in-demand players today. Luke was the only stylist included in this list which was topped by Lucien Grainge, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group International, and Simon Cowell who ranked in at number 2. Stick that in your pipe, hey Louis Walsh !

imageHot of the heels of another stellar London Collections:Men for Luke where he styled shows for James Long, TOPMAN Design, Hackett and Tiger of Sweden, we had the pleasure of catching up and having a breather with this talented and ever charming man.

If you could give your teenage self advice, what would it be ?

Take more photographs. Always make time for friends. Take more holidays. You’re not here for a long time, you’re here for a good time.

How did you get into the industry, what was your big break ? 

I called up Adrian Clark, who was Fashion Director at Attitude at the time. I asked him to do a month internship. Within that month he had already let me style a cover and I just kept turning up until they created a position for me. He really was my foot in the door and mentor. I owe him a lot.

Favourite Hotel in the world ?

I love lots of hotels, I’d live in one if I could! I had my 30th birthday in The Berkeley. It was a very long, fun night so I have a fondness for it.

What would be the name of your autobiography ? 

Mother Knows Best

What’s your Favourite movie ever ?

A very difficult question. I always think the answer should be a film you can watch over and over again. I’m mad for rom-coms, I particularly like How to Lose a Guy In Ten Days

If you could Style anyone who would it be ?

Elvis Presley and One Direction.

What music are you listening to at the moment ?

New Madonna is the soundtrack to my year so far.

Best present you’ve ever received ?

I’m not so into presents, giving or receiving. I wear a piece of jewellery from a friend that passed away, that I cherish.

Who’s the most famous person’s number in your phone ?

My Take That guys I guess.

What are you most excited about at the moment ?

The next issue of GQ Style and the next season of Game of Thrones.

What track would always get you on the dance floor ?

Ride Like The Wind by Christopher Cross

Best piece of advise you’ve ever been given ?

‘Mark my word’ is a an often exclaimed term by a dear friend that often means to take his advice, generally about a person.

What piece of clothing best describes you?

That would change regularly but a white sock or speedo is pretty much my constant.

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing and regretted it ? 

It’s more what I’ve regretted not buying.

What piece of style advise do you live by?

Trust your instincts and buy rather than procrastinate. Take risks, they can pay off or you can learn from them.


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