Hydration is the Key, Brita’s Dry January

imageIt is a bit of a tradition that we at Clothes Make the Man go DRY in January, after the excess of Christmas and New Year it seems prudent to make a healthy start to the New Year.

There are some additional advantages, we may lose a few pounds while saving a few quid and show that we can stick to a resolution even if it’s only 31 days ( and counting)

You can always get sponsored so that your mates can be the “drinks police” and you can donate any money you would have spent down the pub to Alcohol Concern who work to raise awareness of the problem of alcohol misuse. http://www.dryjanuary.org.uk/

Keeping hydrated is such an easy way to improve overall health and wellbeing; health experts recommend we drink 1.5 litres of water per day = 8 glasses.

imageFiltering your water to make it as pure and clean as possible makes real sense especially when detoxing and using a Brita Marella water filter reduces limescale and chlorine as well as metals such as copper and lead.

imageThe BPA-free BRITA Fill&Go bottle offers a great alternative to expensive mineral water Hey – healthy and cost efficient! Each Fill&Go disc provides you with a week’s worth of great tasting water, saving you from buying bottles of water.

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