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Bloggers Create/Anthony McGrath from Tateossian London on Vimeo.

To our loyal readers who also follow the mundane trappings and rambling of myself via our numerous social media channels, you will have seen some interesting mussing over the last few months about BloggersCreate and some good natured banter between myself and a couple of other bloggers.

Basically the story starts a couple of months back when the jewellery brand Tateossian commissioned five of the UK’s leading bloggers,  Dan Hasby-Oliver, Last Style of Defense; Craig Landale, Menswear Style, Luke Todd, FashionBeans,Callum Watt, Maketh-The-Man and yours truly to design a limited edition bracelet which would then be unveiled as part of London Collections:MEN in January. Until recently I’ve been under strict instructions to keep the entire project top secret and even now I can’t discuss my creation until the official unveiling on 6th January.

The Design Process

Anthony MO 2


Hmmmm very interesting, says Anthony as he’s briefed on the Project.

Anthony MO 3


I think we’ll need more. Exclaimed Anthony.

Anthony MO 1Adrienne, Head of Press for Tateossian is Lost for words, for once, as Anthony declares he wants more Gold !


To be Continued ….


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