Great British Shoes – Grenson’s pop up in Liberty Menswear

8_webI love it when two great brands, no matter what the industries, come together to produce something a little different, but overall great. In today’s instance, it’s the genuine National treasure Department Store Liberty and the Brilliant British footwear brand Grenson.

So if your planning a little jaunt to the nation’s capital or even better if you have the pleasure of living here, ensure you plan a trip down to Liberty between now and the 3rd of November to experience the Grenson Lab. Situated in the Men’s shoe department, you can choose your own shoe and have it made specifically to your own tastes and requirements and with your own choice of colours and soles. Your shoes will be handmade in the Grenson UK factory and you can even have your own name or a message handwritten on the lining.Prices start from £380 and your shoes will take approximately fourteen weeks to make, so not only an ideal Christmas gift but will lift your spirits from that post Yuletide lull.

G-Lab-4GREN1_webTim Little Owner and Creative Director Grenson had this to say of the project when we recently bumped into him;

“We first ran our Lab back in April on the womens floor at Liberty and it was a huge success.  People were coming in and getting pretty creative with their shoes, in fact the factory floor looked very colourful in May.  Because of the success Liberty asked us to do it again as part of their “Get Creative” promotion, but this time to extend it to a full-up Lab in the Mens shoe department too. Once again we are looking forward to seeing some of the exciting shoes that people will create, and who knows, maybe one or two of them might end up in the collection!”

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