Ensure your trimmed, plucked & Groomed with the King of Shave Prostyle eGrooming Range

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 18.15.38As I’m sure you all know King of Shaves is a range of innovative and performance shaving, skincare and styling products and since Will King(above), see what he did there, created the Original Shaving Oil in 1993, King of Shaves now sells a product every three seconds worldwide !!!

And now after eighteen months in development, King of Shaves are proud to announce Prostyle, their new design led, electrical grooming (eGrooming) range for men. The Prostyle range combines effortless form and effective function, all at pocket friendly prices. King of Shaves is the only male-centric brand to provide a total grooming solution, from shaving preparations and skincare, through high performance system razors to electrical grooming and styling products.

The Prostyle range comprises:

KOS_Prostyle_Bodystyler_Front_Side_v1_thumbThe Bodystyler: the total grooming and styling solution for all over your body. The range comes in a non-slip rubberised precision grip, ideal for shaving your chest, legs, back, shoulders, groin and underarms, if you so choose, but remember this is not for use on pretty lil faces. All the tools in the range are battery powered, shower proof design for wet or dry use whilst three snap-on trimming guides give ultimate control. Hypoallergenic stainless steel blades for sensitive skin.

The Precision Trimmer: helping keep your eyebrows under control and unwanted nose and ear hair at bay. Efficient snap-on bi-directional trimmer and guides for nose, ear and eyebrows whilst rotary trimmer removes unwanted nose and ear hair.

KOS_Prostyle_Beard_Styler_Front_v1_thumbThe Beard Styler: Ensure your facial stubble is trimmed to your required length and groomed to perfection. The trimming guide adjusts from 0.5mm to 15mm allowing you to accurately and con- sistently groom your beard. With up to 30 minutes from each charge you’ll have plenty of time to define your style wherever you are in the world.

The Multi Styler: the complete facial grooming kit with everything you need to maintain your style. Four interchangeable trimmer and shaver heads plus three different guides combined with the non-slip rubberised grip give you precise control over your style. With up to 45 minutes from each charge you’ll have all the time you need to define your look, ohh yeah.


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