A Great result from the beautiful game – Cruyff Classics

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A Young Johan Cruff relaxes while training

The way this post came about is an unusual one, while home at Christmas, a couple of rather well dressed friends of mine asked me what I thought of Cruyff ? Cruffs ? I replied rather confused, we were in a pub and it was Christmas so maybe one of two sherries had been partaken. NO Cruyff ! I rather embarrassedly, but truthfully, admitted I had no idea what they were talking about. To which I was informed I should check it out, as they were selling quicker then they could be put out on the shelves ! Brave, strong words. So after a couple of phone calls, a trade show or two and several internet searches here is the result and who would have known a rather fluid induced conversation could result in such a post.

To say Johan Cruyff is a footballing legend, is an understatement, not only in his native Holland but internationally, so much so in 1999 he was voted European Player of the Century in an election held by the IFFHS (International Federation of Football History and Statistics), and came second behind Pele in their World Player of the Century poll.

In 1979 he ask long time friend and designer Emilio Lazzarinni to help develop a functional and aspirational brand of sportswear for the technical player. The original spirit and character of their original collaboration lives on today in what became Cruyff Classics. For Spring 2013 the complete collection has been extended and revamped with more colours, use of more luxury materials and an emphasis on strong detail, with Football still acting as the cornerstone to the entire collection.

Examples of CRUYFF for Spring 2013



Cruyff Clothing_SS13_Cyrus - branded



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