Making it less of a “Manic Monday” and more of “Friday, I’m in Love” –

Pants_landscapeWe here at Clothes-Make-The-Man know that our good readers lead a hectic lifestyle and haven’t got much spare time, so of course something has to give which can sometimes result in us being not as organised as one may like. Now whether this results in us having to diary in time to see our loved ones or forgetting that Mum no longer does our laundry automatically, ahhhh those were the days. Now, we aren’t the only ones who have your best interests at heart and because of this, the underwear specialists, have been hard at work thinking of ways to make your life easier. So they want to do you a favour and give your underwear draw an overhaul with their ‘Days of the Week’ package.

The Days of the Week’ underwear edit – offers the best of styles from boxers to briefs in a selection of the best underwear brands around, to fit around your lifestyle,  in seven assorted styles and in doing so have takes the trauma out of shopping for your smalls.

Designed to work around your week, they offer;

  1. ‘Back To Work’ Monday 
  2. Training Day’ on Tuesday
  3. Date Nighton Wednesday 
  4. Thursday, being the new Friday,
  5. Friday offers a ‘Post-Work drink’
  6. Saturday night, ‘Going Out Night’
  7. Lazy Day’ Sunday

So from Monday and beating the Back to work blues, with a inspirational and assured pair of trunks by  Figleaves’ own FGL brand. To ‘Date Night’ on Wednesday and you should probably look as sharp beneath the bespoke two-piece as you do on the exterior; this calls for the Hom Glitter Sensation Trunk which gives a smooth appearance and is detailed with a paisley pattern with delicate glitter for an extra special touch. Right the way through to ‘Lazy Day’ Sunday and get yourself out of bed, keep it comfortable in your Polo Ralph Lauren White Boxers. Ahhhh another of life’s time saving properties, Phew.



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