The All American jeans – Jack Spade Denim

The jack spade store on Brewer Street in London.

The jack spade store on Brewer Street in London.

Jack Spade is still a relatively unknown brand within the European market, unlike the US where its unique take on menswear, gadgets and general object d’art entice men into its stores in droves. Known for its accessories, bags and clothing ranges, it now adds denim to its expanding empire. The denim in question is produced exclusively in the USA by Cone Denim’s White Oak Mill in Greensboro, North Carolina, in fact nothing could be finer. They use a handcrafted waterless technique which makes for a very sturdy yet soft fabric and adding to its eco-credantials,  the white wash style is actually partially constructed with recycled beer bottles. With everything the brand signs up to, it always has to be mindful of the company moto;

“Good design solves a problem with straightforward solutions, using timeless and durable materials”.

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