A KIN-dred Spirit – KIN by John Lewis

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 13.32.20This month sees the stalwart of British Retailing John Lewis launch its first and in certain quarters anticipated and in others dreaded (other retailers), Lifestyle range KIN. Designed in its entirety by the in house Design team the range stretches right the way through from Ladieswear into Childrenswear and Menswear.

KIN is described as, “A hard-working weekend wardrobe that comprises of contemporary, fresh and affordable high quality pieces with a distinctly Scandinavian minimalist feel”.

With its Tailoring element, KIN is really stretching out to a customer John Lewis hasn’t actively chased before, the 30 and 40 somethings who have taste in what they wear and the brands they invest their money in. With this demographic certain factors are paramount when getting them to part with their hard earned cash;

1) Cut – The cut of the garments has to be contemporary, well tailored and flattering.

2) Design – He’s very different to his Father. Design, the way things look, feel and peer approval is very high on his check list. Looking good is of equal importance as any or all of these factors.

3) Quality – Although this Man is as interested in an investment piece as he is a bargain, he HAS to know it’ll last.

4) Cost – With the general cost of living going through the roof, with mortgages, kids and putting food on his family’s plates the right price is Ohh so important to this customer.

KIN by John Lewis Assistant Buyer, Tom Saunders (1)-1With all of these elements in mind the in house team has designed KIN to appeal to men who appreciate quality, clean-cut tailoring at a competitive price. The collection is John Lewis’ most contemporary own brand formalwear offering to date, with a strong focus on detailing throughout including buggy lined jackets, high-notch lapels and AMF stitching.

Champion of the range from conception has been, Tom Saunders, Menswear Formalwear Junior buyer and model of the mens suiting, no less, he says of the collection;

“We wanted to create a tailoring line that provides our customers with wearable pieces, whilst still following the clean and simple aesthetic of KIN. Designing KIN in-house allowed us to really develop our formalwear offering and create a minimalist collection of formal and semi-formal pieces designed to fulfil the lifestyle needs of our younger customer.”


KIN by John Lewis cotton blazer, £79, washed poplin blue shirt, £25, Selvedge Denim Trousers, £59, Chambray tencel dress, £59, slash neck stripe top, £20 (2)

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