Shaken not stirred – The rise of the Navy Tuxedo

I guarantee the morning this poster was launched, Brand Directors of Menwear apparel companies globally rang their Buying Directors and say, “We have bought Navy Tuxedos, this season, haven’t we ?” 

“Err yes.” I’m sure was the response, now following this, one of two things happened, if the Buying Director is a good one and has an ounce of creativity and forethought about him, he breathed a sigh of relief. Or, lets just say, if he isn’t, he sure as hell called his formalwear buyer and tore a piece out of them.

Tom Ford, is a genius, this is nothing that hasn’t been said before, I’m not preaching some new gospel according to St Tom, no. He first dressed 007 for Quantum of Solace and he returns again for SKYFALL, with promises of an update for Bond’s wardrobe offering him a more contemporary look and if this poster is anything to go by Mr Ford is keeping to his word. Also, please see below a short profile on Bond’s wardrobe for upcoming film, SKYFALL by its costume designer Jany Temime.

Now as we were saying, Tom Ford proved himself a master salesman during his time as Creative Director at Gucci. Once again, he’s thought to himself, Dinner suit sales need a little help here, how can I do that, I know I’ll put the one man known across the globe who women want to be with and man want to be, in a different coloured tux to the classic black. So all those guys who have a black tuxedo now feel that they have to emulate Bond by also having a Navy one, as I said GENIUS !

We all can’t afford Tom Ford prices, nonetheless, Mr Ford is not the only one to have produced Navy dinner suits this season and if you fancy yourself as being on Her Majesty’s Secret Service and looking like you have a Licence to kill. Then take a look at the pieces below for inspiration.

Navy Single breasted Tuxedo, by French Connection exclusively for Moss Bros.

The perfect white shirt from the former supplier to 007 Ede & Ravenscroft.

In for a penny in for a pound, channel your inner Bond with this Navy Velvet Bow tie by Lanvin from

The Bert, a traditional Oxford shoe with a twist from Grenson

Bond is synonymous for his Omega Seamaster, but this absolute bargain from Marks & Spencer is literally a fraction of the cost.

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