T-shirt as a canvas

For summer 2012 the British casual wear brand Supremebeing have worked with three contemporary photographers and let them use their new generation Supremebeing Tee as a canvas for their work. The photographers Peter Holm, Andrew Kuykendall Jason Pachos all worked to this season’s themes Faded Future and The Wash.


Peter Holm travelled extensively through Asia, Australia and North America, chronicling his stories along the way using vintage equipment and old-school photographic techniques to create a series of images which capture urban exteriors shot from the hip, produced in LOMO vibrant colours, with burn out techniques reminiscent of 1970’s Polaroids.












Andrew Kuykendall lives in Los Angeles,but hopes to someday live in a trailer in the Desert, OK each to their own. He is inspired by the ability of using the medium of imagery to tell stories, whether that be of his journeys or through his professional work which has appeared in numerous international Fashion magazines. Ohhh and he’s learning to play the accordion.












Jason Pachos studied photography in Cambridge, but now resides in Sao Paulo working for visual ventures and freelance photography. Pachos likes photography to be allured in every aspect of it, the theme, style, trend or aesthetic. He believes, “If it’s good, I’ll like it, It’ll inspire me”.












They’ve just dropped at the Supremebeing website… here

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