Get your prep on – Grooming

Eau de Prep Tommy is the new Fragrance from the All American Fashion House which promises a cheeky twist on the Classic preppy feel. What that all important twist is, is a mix of Egyptian geranium, wet greens (answers on a postcard as to what “wet greens” are please), a splash of tonic, white pepper, lavender absolute, and juniper berry. And finally, rich amber, georgywood, oak moss, and white suede reflect his comfortable yet familiar style.

But the man who wears Eau de Prep isn’t your normal run of the mill Prepster, this is a modern take on the classic American dream, he’s had somewhat of a makeover. While his wardrobe is still based on a foundation of smart separates, new silhouettes and details have emerged. Trousers may still be khaki, but are now slim-fit or slouchy. The classic colour cornerstones of navy and red have been updated to airforce blue and burgundy but the classic boat shoes and polo shirts still remain but are worn in a more contemporary manner. This is a man who doesn’t take life as serious as his forefathers but has a sporty, ready-for-anything, spontaneity.

If you feel you are that man and you fit that bill, Eau de Prep Tommy and his female counterpart Eau de Prep Tommy girl are available exclusively at the Perfume Shop.

Eau de Prep Tommy 100ml Eau de Toilette, RRP £45 / 50ml Eau de Toilette, RRP £35


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