A tounge twister if I ever heard one Oi Polloi x Klättermusen by Elliott Parsons

Klattermusen-at-Formby-06aBack in 1984, Peter Askulv created the outdoor company that HE needed. A brand that represents the great outdoors, Nordic ruggedness and a strong regard for the environment. Specialising in backpacks and coats for outdoorsmen, climbers and ruffians alike; Klättermusen is as Swedish as Swedish gets, far more than Volvo, IKEA or even ABBA.

Based in Jämtland, Northern Sweden; they create outerwear and bags that are perfect for the hard Swedish weather and allow you to just go and get out into the wilderness. The company originated from around a campfire, where Peter’s friend convinced him to turn his hobby of making backpacks with the spare time he was left with on paternity leave into a business.

As a climber and hiker himself, Askulv created the gear that him and his friends needed for their wild journeys as it wasn’t available on the market then, and is still in short supply today. With the name translating to ‘Climbing mouse’; this outdoor company is doing things right. Not just with the name either – they’re leading the pack when it comes to sustainable production. Back when Klättermusen was just a one-man band; being sustainable was the only way. Re-using materials to create more products and Peter’s background in Biology set the company on a course to become one of the pioneers and have worked with only 100% cotton since 2006. They phased out PFOA (Teflon) in 2008 and now use old left over fishing nets to create their products. Does this brand get any cooler?



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