I’ve got Wood Wood – Another super cool brand from Denmark, Wood Wood

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 14.04.25What do they put in the water over in Copenhagen, for a population of just over 1.2million, the residents of the Danish capital are incredibly creative when it comes to their clothing brands. Today’s Post is on Wood Wood, a brand founded in 2002 by a trio of designers, Karl Oskar Olsen, Lotte Bank Nielsen and Brian Jensen,  who wanted to collaborate with one another on a small range of classic pieces with a quirky twist. The type of clothing that they would like to wear themselves and carve out a unique niche with their playful graphics, ahhh that old chestnut. Since then it had grown and grown into a complete collection that successfully manages to mix elements of street wear but without losing any of its high end aspiration. Their individual approach to style has gained the Wood Wood trio, friends and fans in high places with collaborations in recent years with the likes of Nike, Barbour, Eastpak and Adidas, not bad, hey.

Their most recent collaboration sees them work with the Little Sun project on a limited edition tee. The Little Sun Project is a non profit organisation started by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen, that aims is to provide trade in off-grid communities, which addresses the need for light in a sustainable way.



For Summer 2013 their collection has looked to the “Summers of Love”, for inspiration, the first  Summer being 1967 San Francisco, where the Peace, Love and Understanding of the Hippie Movement were the order of the day and the second being the great Summer of 89 where Acid House and Rave Culture ruled supreme. Both were significant movements which dealt with the confrontation and liberation from existing social systems and both were driven by positive and engaging energy.

So with this collection Wood Wood hope to bring about a third Summer of Love, pulling in elements from both past Summers to offer a distinct range.