The Man with the Golden GUM – HAIRBOND Haircare

Very small poster sizeIt isn’t unfair or unjust to call Hairbond a small player in the very big pond of male grooming products, which to be honest it’s a pond with some very big fish swimming about in it, nonetheless be prepare to hear and see a lot more form Hairbond over the coming months.

Hairbond make some pretty big statements in their brand literature, including, “Our task is to launch the highest quality brand with a superb range of products that prove that British haircare is truly the very best in the world.” 

Distorter 100mlAdditional to this the brand must be commended for the fact that none of their products are neither tested on animals nor do they condone or work with companies who perform unethical testing. Here, Here !

Hairbond was dreamed up by Scott Michaels, who founded he brand in 2008, principally because, “Our brand is not about gimmicks but giving people a quality British made alternative to their hairstyling routine” 

The brand now exports globally and has an ever growing cult and celebrity fan base, which includes TV Presenters Dan Lobb, Iwan Thomas and Dan Walker, Footballers Michael Owen and Andy Reid and errrrr Dick and Dom.

Moulder 100mlKey products within the range include the MOULDER, which gives strong flexible hold gives immediate grab and high density texture while thickening hair’s appearance. The DISTORTER, this styling product creates texture with a supple finish. Flexible hold gives great results to thick straight hair. The SHAPER, you can achieve perfect finish with this strong hold product. It goes the distance and works fantastically giving shaped texture to your hair any way you want and the SCULPTOR,which is designed  for separation and hold soft and easy, it works superbly on dry hair and separating thicker hair types. Plus this range is completed by a professional separate Shampoo and Conditioner.