To Boldly go where no Clothing range has gone before – Denham launch Official Training Kit for Astronauts

Michael Mol, Co-Founder of SXC

Michael Mol, Co-Founder of SXC


Some time last year The Space Expedition Corp (SXC) contacted Jason Denham of the Dutch based denim brand, DenhamScreen Shot 2013-02-01 at 09.49.35 regarding the opportunity of developing an official training kit for their future astronauts on board their commercial flights.  The brief was to develop an integrated training kit expanding on concepts which had already made appearances in their past collections, where Denham had worked with ideas regarding future-utility and their concepts to fuse historical research with progression and invention.

Now the result of this partnership is an integrated capsule collection including the Bernal Type 3 jacket, the Liner Type 3 insulator and the D-SXC pant. Participants in SXC’s space program receive the set exclusively in the company’s signature blue. The designs are also part of Denham’s F12 collection in classic black and slate grey.

Denham is not the only exciting partnership SXC has forged for this year, in collaboration with the Unilever grooming brand Lynx/Axe have  launched a global partnership, where winners of a competition can become part of their global Lynx or Axe Apollo Space Academy. This is where entrants will be prepared for the ULTIMATE challenge of actually travelling into space, resulting in 22 lucky winners boarding a Lynx suborbital spacecraft sometime in 2014 on a SXC mission into space !!!!!

The Denham/SXC Astronaut Training Kit






Get that all over smell to snare a mate(not that kinda mate) – Grooming

Following a Pan European study, Lynx or Axe depending on where your reading this wonderful blog, found that, an unsurprising 88 per cent of girls claiming that bad hair can be a major turn-off (que the sound of teenage lads stampeding off to their local chemist to buy this range). They believe that hard and crunchy hair look caused by traditional hair gels has been consigned to history and following on from this study the Lynx scientists in white coats, formulated and dreamt up this complete hair care range designed to fulfil male hair needs and the need of single guys to get a better half.

Developed with powerful, ingredients to fight dirty, greasy, flaky and over-gelled hair,(YUK) the new shampoo collection helps men get healthier looking hair.

All products in the range are designed to suit different hair needs and address every man’s hair concerns:

  • Anti Dandruff with active zinc to avoid those nasty white flakes
  • 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner to speed up your clean
  • Deep Clean to purify hair by removing grease, oil and product build up
  • Just Clean a shampoo for normal hair that makes it easier to style
  • Attract a shampoo with a more sophisticated long-lasting fragrance

Then to complete the hair transformation those clever geeks have come up with a range of styling products to achieve everything from a ‘spiked-up’ look, a clean cut look or the ‘just got out of bed’ messed-up look:

Spiked Up Look (Structuring cream)

Messed Up Look (Re-workable Paste)

Clean Cut Look (Defining Wax)

Attract extreme Hold Cream Gel

Extra Strong Hold Cream Gel

Strong Hold Cream Gel

The range is available from all good stockists and for more information on the Lynx Hair range visit or follow @LYNXEFFECTuk (#lynxhair)