Made in Belfast a sign of quality – Harland & Wolff Apparel

IMG_0483If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Belfast, you will of course, be aware of the fact that it one of the most beautiful cities on the globe, yes honestly and you will be very aware of the cranes that dominant the skyline of this mistaken city from the shipyard of Harland & Wolff.

Think you’ve heard of these names before, well, when the legendary Titanic sailed out of Belfast in April 1912, the city where she was designed and built, in the aforementioned shipyards and the city of Belfast led the world in shipbuilding, linen, rope, tobacco, and of course, whiskey. Its engineering foundries were renowned around the globe, while its inventors had given us liquid gas, the rubber tyre and much else. This was a city that punched way above its weight.

As the years passed, craft, knowledge, heritage and skill, once in abundance was being eroded and generations later, these skills were at risk of being lost forever.

photoWith this in mind, two young Belfast entrepreneurs, Dennis Bree & Tim McAllister have created a surge in local industrial pride through the creation of the Harland & Wolff Official Apparel Brand.

Currently offering men’s t-shirts, polo shirts, and ties, Harland & Wolff Apparel have a range of shirts and “The Yard Boot” in the pipeline, as well as limited edition antique brass cufflinks.

The pair’s biggest ambition is to ensure everything is designed and fabricated in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Britain, “there’s nothing more easily and immediately identifiable as “Made in Belfast” than Harland and Wolff,” says Bree.

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