Top Ten Tips on Safe Tanning

The Summer is finally here its official ! It might only last for a few days, it could be here for a few weeks, who knows it could be a couple of months that we are basking it this seasonal halo. Now I don’t mean to bring your mood down, but there is a very serious side to this fantastic weather, because of Summer’s very late arrival it means we are not use to how powerful the sun it right now. Please take a few minutes just to watch the video below PLEASE –

OK then, now because we at Clothes-Make-the-Man care about our loyal readers and we want you around for as long as possible we sort the advice of an expert to offer her top ten tip for safe tanning. Clare O’Connor is the Suncare expert for one of the most trusted names on the high Street, Boots. Clare is a scientist with over 20 years experi­ence in the cosmetics industry spending the last 18 years specialising in sun protection. She works with experts internally and externally, plus academic institu­tions who manage research projects in the area of skin protection and was a key player in developing the Boots Soltan’s Once platform.

1) Make sure you use enough product – you should apply a blob about the size of a two pound coin for each limb and your front and back, as well as a blob about the size of a pound coin for your face, one 200ml bottle of Soltan contains roughly 6 full-body applications.

2) Protect your skin before you first go into the sun – we recommend applying sun cream 15 minutes before going into the sun, then reapplying again as soon as you go out in the sun. After that, you should reapply every 1 to 2 hours, as well as immediately after swimming or towelling.

3) Check for 5 star UVA rating – ensure your chosen sun care product has maximum 5 star UVA protection as well as a high SPF, as this will provide the best protection from skin ageing as well as burning. All Soltan products have 5 star UVA protection!

4) Use an SPF of at least 15 – you should be using a high SPF (30 or 50) if you’re going abroad or have fair skin. Also don’t forget
your lips, they are prone to drying and cracking and long term exposure can cause uneven colouration as well as more serious skin conditions.

5) Wear suncare in the UK – research by Boots UK has uncovered that nearly three quarters (72%) of adults admit that either they or someone else in their family has been sun burnt in the UK because they didn’t think it was sunny enough to require sun protection. Don’t forget to protect your eyes with sunglasses that offer 100% UVA & UVB protection.

6) Stay out of the sun during the hours from 11am – 3pm – spend time in the shade during these hours as the sun is at its strongest at these times and use clothing to minimise sun exposure. Pop on a hat and a long-sleeved t shirt.

7) Use self-tan – try to limit your sun-exposure and use a self-tan from the Soltan Beautiful Bronze range for colour. Self-tan has
developed enormously in recent years, with new colour-modifiers that make the colour more natural and less orange and new
technologies which eliminate the characteristic odour that always used to be associated with self-tans.

8) Exfoliate and moisturise now ready for the summer – it’s easier to keep your skin in good condition rather than repair it after the sun dries it.

9) Choose a well-known brand that you trust – when buying sun care make sure you look for a brand that are investing in research into the latest suncare technologies as well as in educating people about sun safety.

10) Aftersuns can help – sun exposure is incredibly dehydrating for the skin, aftersuns are formulated not only to provide moisturisation but also to cool and soothe sun reddened skin like Soltan Aftersun Soothing Gel with Aloe Vera. Many also contain ingredients such as antioxidants which help your skin to recover after sun exposure.