Stand out from the crowd – Ferragamo Red Leather

Ferragamo are one of the world’s leaders in the luxury industry and whose origins date back to 1927, in the beautiful Italian city of Florence. The unique, exclusive design which has always distinguished the brand’s products is obtained by combining style, creativity and innovation with the quality and craftsmanship typical of Italian-made goods.

One such relevant product category is Fragrances and this season, FERRAGAMO introduces Ferragamo Red Leather, a new fragrance for men envisioned as a modern expression of sensual elegance and ease.

Tradition and innovation fuse in a distinctive blend that celebrates craftsmanship and excellence through the art of perfumery and through the artisan flair intrinsic to Ferragamo, revisiting the House’s heritage in the present.

The new composition reflects the authentic and engaged sense of a modern man who nurtures his ambitions with an open and inclusive approach. He embraces freedom and fulfilment as a means of self-expression; he finds pleasure in achieving his every objective with a natural aura of stylishness and confidence.

Adding to Ferragamo, Ferragamo Intense Leather, Ferragamo Spicy Leather and Ferragamo Bright Leather, this new olfactory chapter projects the fragrance towards an empowered and sensual interpretation of modern masculinity.

The citrus aromatic leather scent combines lively and warm nuances, exploring the complex aroma of Vetiver – with earthy and smoky accents – the spicy caress of Ginger and the uplifting tones of Sandalwood for a lasting flux of vigour and freshness.

The fragrance comes in the brand’s signature glass flacon, now rendered in iconic Ferragamo red, reinventing the House’s signature codes with a contemporary twist. The slender shape of the bottle is enriched with a vibrant red band hosting contrasting black logo lettering. At opposite ends, the Gancini detail in silver – finished metal embellishes and encloses the flacon from top to base.


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