Expert reveals the six dishes you should avoid when dining out

Everyone enjoys a good dining out experience, but customers need to know that some of their favorite dishes might not be the best choices at a restaurant. From low-quality options to meals that might lead to serious health issues, customers must remain vigilant about their preferences when dining out.
To help customers make better choices, we contacted Marcus Arcabascio, above, founder of Menu-Price who gave us valuable insights on some of the most surprising meals to avoid ordering at restaurants.
Macaroni and Cheese
A classic comfort food, but in many restaurants, mac and cheese is often pre-made and not fresh. Restaurants might also overuse processed cheeses, resulting in a less flavorful, gooey dish than you’re hoping for.
“If you want macaroni and cheese, you are better off making it home. Don’t forget that when you order it at a restaurant, you risk toppings like breadcrumbs or vegetables that you might not enjoy with your macaroni and cheese,” says Menu-Price expert.
“Chicken is universally loved, but it’s a dish that can easily go wrong,” says Marcus Arcabascio
Chicken can become overcooked, dry, and less tasty when not prepared properly. It requires careful handling and thorough cooking to prevent the risk of foodborne illnesses such as Salmonella or Campylobacter.
Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled eggs are a breakfast classic, yet not all are created equal.
“Scrambled eggs might seem like a safe bet, but they can be kept on hotplates for too long, compromising their quality,” says Marcus Arcabascio.
Over time, this can result in less-fluffy, drier eggs. Also, the eggs used may not always be the freshest, affecting the overall taste.
This sweet treat is delicious, but restaurant brownies are frequently not made in-house. Instead, they might be bought pre-made, making them lack freshness and are not as unique as other desserts on the menu.
Steak can be risky unless you’re dining at a high-end restaurant. Steak quality varies drastically, and a lower-quality cut might not meet your expectations. On the other hand, though, ordering a steak well done can result in a tougher, less enjoyable meal.
Sushi is a delicacy that showcases the beauty of raw ingredients, but the art of sushi-making requires precision and fresh ingredients.
“In establishments not specialized in sushi, raw fish might not be handled or stored correctly, leading to potential health risks like parasitic infections. Plus, the taste and texture could be affected,” says Marcus Arcabascio
Final Thoughts
Customers should consider these menu items the next time they dine out. Instead of choosing some of the options on the list, they can always look for the freshest ingredients, such as vegetables in season or a fresh fish catch of the day. Additionally, customers can consider a house specialty. Since it is a meal the restaurant is known for, the odds are, it will be a tasty option.

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