Will you be getting your HE-VAGE OUT ?

Analysis of Google Trends search data reveals that online searches for ‘he-vage’have increased 86% worldwide compared to the previous year after stars such as Barry Keoghan and Donald Glover rocked the sexy look on the red carpet.

A new finding from fashion experts at BoohooMAN reveals that online searches for ‘he-vage’ have increased by 86% globally in the past 24 months. This follows a recent revival of the risque look, flaunted by celebs including Paul Mescal, Barry Keoghan and Kylie Jenner’s beau, Timothée Chalamet.

The style follows similar rules of cleavage, with ‘he-vage’ looks featuring a low-cut neckline which shows off at least an inch of chest or more.

While John Travolta may have been the original low-cut icon with his unbuttoned shirts in Saturday Night Fever, where he showed off his illustrious chest hair, the term was first defined by Urban Dictionary in 2007 as: “Male cleavage, often seen when a button-down shirt is unbuttoned to an extreme.”


However, the style has now been readopted by male stars walking the red carpet this season, who have put a modern twist on the racy trend.


Celebs have been daring the bare on the red carpet recently, such as Irish actor Paul Mescal, who was seen sporting some serious ‘he-vage’ at the London Critic’s Circle Film Awards at the weekend.

Paul Mescal & Andrew Scott Win Big for 'All Of Us Strangers' at London Critics' Circle Film Awards 2024: Photo 5011308 | All Of Us Strangers, Andrew Haigh, Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal


Many A-listers have opted for luxury alternatives like Barry Keoghan’s Dolce & Gabbana white two-piece suit, which featured wide-leg trousers and a cropped, sleeveless jacket with a deep v-neck showing off his toned pecs.


Similarly, Donald Glover flaunted some ‘he-vage’ while walking the Golden Globes red carpet in a white, belted satin Saint Laurantjacket featuring a dramatic low neckline, exposing the actor’s chest.

This increase in sensual styling has resulted in a massive increase in searches for ‘he-vage’ worldwide, with searches for the term increasing by 86% from January 2022 to January 2024.


A fashion expert from BoohooMANcommented on the findings:

“These findings highlight the continued influence celebrity dressing has on trends, which impacts our day-to-day styling choices.

“While ‘he-vage’ may have been in the public vernacular for more than 15 years, this recent resurgence focuses as much on the luxe feel of the outfit and clean tailoring, which is essential to elevate the look.

“Those looking to replicate the trend can simply undo a couple more buttons on a shirt to achieve the effect or opt for a v-neck t-shirt. 

“If you want to add a twist, choose tailored pieces like waistcoats and blazers with no shirt underneath.

“For extra impact, you can colour block jackets, trousers and overcoats to give a more high-end feel.”



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