A Modern Man’s Guide to Piercing and Jewellery Trends

Although jewellery is considered more feminine than masculine, modern times have changed this perspective, making it incredibly stylish to accessorize male outfits.

However, you must know how to mix and match to balance style and class. So, here’s our complete guide on trending piercings and jewellery pieces for men.

Men’s Piercing Trends To Watch Out For

1. Lip Piercings

Lower-side lip piercings are attractive, but piercing the labret (middle area below the lower lip) also looks great when you choose ball-tup piercing.

2. Eyebrow Piercings

Made famous by the punk era of the 1970s and still thriving, eyebrow piercings can be vertical, multiple horizontal, bridge, or anti-eyebrow piercings.


3. Ear Piercings

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Although common among both genders, male ear piercings are usually found on specific ear parts like the conch, rook, daith, helix, and tragus, unlike the lobe, which is common among females.

4. Nose Piercing  


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Nose piercings can be done on both the septum and nostrils, accompanied by additional accessories such as pinchers, bull rings, or septum tusks.

5. Nipple Piercings

These are the most popular piercings for men, especially since they remain out of site. A horizontal, angled, or vertical puncture is made at the base of the nipple for this piercing.

6. Tongue Piercings

Gaining popularity post World War II, tongue piercings first started in the United States, but after the 1990s, they became less common among men. It’s a midline piercing made by puncturing a hole through the tongue.

Things To Consider Before Getting Piercings

● Reconsider getting a piercing altogether if you’re on a budget because cheap ones mean the piercer is cutting corners somewhere.
● Titanium is the most compatible metal with human skin, making it hypoallergenic, unlike alloys containing carbon and nickel, which irritate the skin.
● Choose sterile needle piercings for an accurate and quick-healing job over piercing guns because the needle used to make the hole causes more trauma to the region.
● Unlike their segmented or seamed counterparts, ring clickers are easier to put on with minimal tugging at your skin.
● Lastly, clean the piercing hole regularly until it’s healed to avoid infections.

Jewelry Pieces To Wrap Up Your Look

1. Watches

Watches are timeless pieces and a striking attire addition for the modern man. Apart from serving as a status symbol, they communicate elegance and are functional.

2. Rings

Rings are a unisex accessory, but they have indeed stood the test of time among men, making them one of the only pieces that aren’t considered emasculating.

3. Bracelets

For men, these must be simple instead of crowding your wrist with hordes of straps or bangles. Bracelets are small and easy to style; if worn in moderation, they won’t be too tacky.

4. Cufflinks

When dressed for business or a formal event, you can always go right with something as classic as cufflinks. They’re elegant and scream timelessness like no other accessory.

Tips To Style Your

● Always keep things simple to avoid making your outfit look messy or overcrowded – with fashion, less is usually more.
● Match your materials from your closet, considering colortones; gold is warmer and goes well with earthier tones, whereas silver is neutral, which means it’ll go with almost anything.
● Keep symbolism in mind because what you put on communicates not only your sense of style but also your demeanor, so avoid being too flashy and know when to wear certain accessories.
● Watch out for dress codes because different settings may have attire restrictions; for example, you wouldn’t wear the same clothes to work and a wedding, which means you have to do the same for accessories
Overdoing accessories can be an issue if you don’t know what to choose, especially when it comes to men’s jewelry. So, we hope this guide helps you explore this side of fashion, and with all the options at your disposal, you can certainly pull together a smart, trendy, and sophisticated look.

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