Urban adventure means uncharted territory, a boundless curiosity for the city around you. Explore your city anew with advanced technical apparel purpose built for urban adventure with The North Face UE.

Through countless encounters with your favourite city, you move with its movements, its character is reflected in you. Navigating side streets and blending into crowds, a boundless curiosity for the city around you. Finding the secrets hidden behind the landmarks, waking up with the alarm and chasing sunsets.

Crafted by guest designers this season are Yuzuki, founder and chief designer of FLOAT and YUZUKI, and Kazuki Kuraishi, founder of THE FOURNESS. They worked with The North Face APAC design team to bring the new collection to life. Their style mixes street and urban outdoor elements to create dramatic pieces re-imagined garments inspired by archival technical pieces to create a definitive moment for this season.

Forming innovative, forward-thinking fashion staples, The North Face UE is a labour of love designed to unite and empower. Each designer brought their unique opinion of urban street style to the table. Re-imagine the garments that express the performance world of The North Face. Reflecting the evolution of exploration in city spaces around the world.

The North Face UE collection contains a tech romantic design reshaping the icons with 3D a-shapes for women and a reimagined vintage TNF jacket for men that plays with The North Face ratios through fleece fabric blocking. Highlights include the layering down jacket, patchwork crew and the casual pants in classic black for women. For men the highlights alongside the jacket are the fleece jacket and casual pants in vintage style.

Wherever the adventure takes you, it’s never the destination but the dialogue with the city that matters. The North Face UE collection enables explorers to find that connection to their environment, in both the natural and urban worlds.


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