Lounge in Elegance and Comfort with the New Silk-Modal Collection by Intimissimi Uomo

Intimissimi Uomo’s quest is to provide you with a comprehensive line-up of underwear, clothing and pyjamas. The brand’s aim is for people to be able to update their clothes closet or underwear drawer and get what you need wherever you happen to be and at any time of the day.

For this season Intimissimi Uomo presents the new collection in silk-modal, a sophisticated fusion of luxurious fabric, softness and radiance. The collection embodies the essence of contemporary masculine style, offering a versatile selection of garments suitable for different occasions.

Silk and Modal, chosen with meticulous care, are the undisputed protagonists. Silk, known for its natural sheen and luxurious feel on the skin, gives the garments a sophisticated elegance. Modal, on the other hand, offers enveloping comfort and breathability, allowing any daily activity to be tackled with a touch of lightness.

The real new element this year is the piquet work applied to the silk-modal fabric, combined with the range of garments available in this collection, including trousers and shorts, T-shirts, shirts and boxer shorts. Each garment has been carefully designed to ensure an impeccable fit and a modern aesthetic that enhances the male figure.

T-shirts are the timeless staple in a man’s wardrobe. By pairing silk with modal, they become ideal for an informal yet sophisticated look. Perfect to wear under a jacket or simply on their own. For more elegant occasions however, shirts are a versatile, classy option. The sheen of silk and the breathability of modal make this garment an excellent choice for business meetings or formal events.

The trousers are ideal for quiet evenings spent at home, providing comfort and a sophisticated look, offering pleasant warmth without being too heavy. The shorts with tonal pockets and drawstring are the perfect choice for mild days and provide a feeling of freedom and freshness. Whether for leisure or outdoor activities, they guarantee a casual, sophisticated look.

The boxer shorts complete the collection with style. Comfortable and snug, they offer optimal support and a fresh feeling throughout the day.

The silk-modal garments are available in classic midnight blue, grey melange and in a new colour variant: dark green. Blue and grey exude elegance and sobriety, for more formal occasions, while green conveys freshness and dynamism, ideal for days outdoors or informal gatherings.

With its fusion of luxury and comfort, this collection promises to satisfy the needs of modern customers, adding a touch of elegance to every occasion.


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