How to combat jet lag, the travel hangover, with Nature’s Truth Levagen+ Bed supplements

According to Google trend data, searches for “jet lag cures” have risen by 3400% in the past month, as people prepare for their summer holidays.

Jet lag can be an unwanted side effect of travel that leaves you exhausted and eats into precious holiday time at either end of your trip. Fear not dear reader, here is a product that helps you to combat the fatigue brought on by travelling through various time zones.

Travel journalist Donna Richardson has visited six countries this past month and crossed many time zones. Feeling exhausted after returning from The Caribbean, there was no time to rest with her energetic six-year-old to entertain.

Added to this she had a busy schedule of travel to manage less than a week later, since her work took her to Scotland, Portugal, Switzerland and Italy in quick succession. And then the summer holidays began and she needed a pick-me-up before her family holiday to the Canary Islands.

Luckily, she discovered Levagen+ Bed. This new supplement from Nature’s Truth is focused on helping you get better rest and feel more refreshed in the morning. It contains PEA, Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and L-Tryptophan, all clinically tested to aid sleep in various ways. 

“After all the travelling I have done in the past few weeks I have been feeling drained and exhausted,” said Donna.

“When you travel for work or go on holiday, often the flights are ridiculously early and involve a hotel stay the night before. Knowing I must get up at about 3:00am, I very rarely get a good night sleep as I wake every hour the night before I travel, terrified I will miss my wake-up alarm.

“Then when I arrive at the destination, I tend to struggle to get to sleep the following evening as I am buzzing with excitement.

“Trans-Atlantic travel in particular can really take it out of you – it is a killer on the journey back. You lose sleep on the flight and the jet lag is crippling. For days I felt exhausted after I returned, but I had to be alert as my little girl was eager to play with me after I hadn’t seen her for several days. It took at least a week just to feel normal again.

“Then I was off again on another series of adventures through Europe and then back home. While I was buzzing off the adrenaline, I was depleted of energy. My batteries needed charging and fast.

“Knowing I had less than a week before our family holiday, I needed something to give me a boost. I had been told all about Levagen+ Bed and how it had miraculous results for jet lag, so I decided to give it a whirl.

“The first evening I took it, I slept soundly and uninterrupted. Furthermore, the next morning I felt bright and alert.

“I am looking forward to taking it over the coming weeks to see if it will make a difference and give me energy for my on-the-go family holiday and beyond for the six weeks holidays.”

PEA (Palmitoylethanolamide) is the latest ingredient causing a buzz in the health and wellness industry. Dubbed the “new CBD”, PEA is a naturally occurring amino acid that has shown promising results in clinical trials. 

Combined with added ingredients to target specific needs, Levagen+ by Nature’s Truth has created a range of supplements that can aid pain reduction, combat swelling, promote sports recovery, aid hormone balancing, support good sleep and boost immunity.

Levagen+ Bed helps you to fall asleep faster during hot summer nights and helps you to wake up feeling more refreshed, making it easier to handle jet lag on your summer holidays, especially if you’re moving through time zones. The anti-inflammatory effects of PEA also have the potential to help combat hayfever symptoms stopping you sleep. 

Beyond helping to regulate your sleeping pattern, Levagen+ can also help to solve travel anxiety. Levagen+ Mood features Ashwaghandha root extract, which has been shown to help regulate mood, reduce stress, anxiety and cortisol levels.

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