Is Ken your Style Icon ?

With the release of the Barbie movie  featuring iconic actors including Margot Robbie, Will Ferrell, new Doctor Who Ncuti Gatwa and Ryan Gosling as Ken has sparked conversations around the iconic aesthetic of Barbie.

With the film set to be released on the 21st July, the Barbie aesthetic is predicted to be the trend of the summer, and now, a new style is emerging for men with ‘Kencore’.

The aesthetic is inspired by Ryan Gosling’s Ken in the new movie, and now, a style expert from men’s accessories and jewellery brand, Trendhim, shares his tips on how to make the look your own this summer.

Malte Köhn, style expert at Trendhim, the Danish mens accessories brand founded in 2007, says, “Men shouldn’t deter from the colours and vibrancy of the Barbie film. The Kencore trend embraces the elements of Ken’s outfits that can be worn day-to-day. Following the pastel and denim tones of Ken’s outfits, rather than the bright pinks of Barbie, Kencore is the perfect style trend to follow this summer.”

How to get the look:

  1. Complement colours and tones with different pastel shades and textures. Malte explains, “For example, pairing a dusty pink t-shirt with a denim jacket, or dressing monochrome with tones of purple and pink. Ken’s go-to look is a sleeveless denim jacket, so pair your favourite denim with a light coloured t-shirt and you’ll be just like Ken!”
  2. “Patterns are an easy way to incorporate colour and vibrancy when you’re not used to doing so. This can be through a t-shirt, or overshirt and adds a nice pop of colour to the usual basics like jeans and a jacket.”
  3. Accessorising is perfect if you don’t want to go all in. “Throughout the trailer Ken is spotted with his colourful trainers, statement satchel bag, and even the odd neckerchief. If you want to keep a lot of your own style but embrace the Kencore look then adding a pop of the pastel colours will have you embracing the aesthetic in no time” says Malte. “This can even be through sunglasses, men’s necklaces or other types of men’s bags.”
  4. Play with the look at different events. “Pastel suits and patterned shirts are perfect for summer weddings and really match the Kencore aesthetic so if you have any weddings coming up, explore new options for your attire. Similarly, you can try the Kencore look on holiday where colours and patterns are encouraged.”

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