Eight tips for sleeping in hot weather

While enjoying the sunshine during the day is a dream for many of us in the UK, sleeping in the heat can be a nightmare.

With this in mind, James, ‘the sleep geek’ at MattressOnline, has collated valuable tips to help alleviate the discomfort of sleeping in the heat.

1. Use hot water bottles to lower your core temperature

  1. Use hot water bottles to lower your core temperature 

Using a hot water bottle might sound like a strange way to combat heat, but James the Sleep Geek recommends raising your core temperature slightly by placing a lukewarm hot water bottle on your feet thirty minutes before bed; that way, when you go to sleep your core temperature will drop.

2. Use separate covers from your sleeping partner

Use different covers if you are sleeping with a partner; although it might still be tempting for some to snuggle up to your significant other, their body heat will only transfer to you, so use separate covers and if you can and swap out your duvet for a thin cotton sheet.

3. Avoid daytime naps

Hot weather can make us sleepy; as tempting as it is to have a daytime nap in the glorious sunshine, don’t. Multiple sources, such as weather presenter Abbie Dewhurst and Doctor Azmain, recommend saving your precious sleep for nighttime by staying in your normal routine.

4.Put your feet in a bowl of lukewarm water 

Much like a lukewarm hot water bottle, putting your feet in a bowl of tepid water offers a longer lasting cooling process. It also avoids the shock of using ice-cold water, which can jar you awake and make it harder to get to sleep.

5. Open your loft hatch

Heat rises, meaning it will be hotter if your bedroom is on the top floor. According to experts at MattressOnline, opening your loft hatch is one way to get rid of the accumulated hot air by allowing it to escape somewhere else.

6. Use Aloe Vera

Meteorologist Jodi Kodesh states that using Aloe Vera before bed can be even better than taking a cold shower because it absorbs into the body four times quicker than water. Apply it to your skin just before bed for a cooling effect.

7. Shut out the sunlight

James states that one of the main things to help alleviate the comfort of a hot night’s sleep is to keep your house cool during the day. To do this, ensure you are shutting out the sunlight, particularly in your bedroom, by keeping blinds and curtains closed.

8.Swap your sheets 

Lastly, why not replace your sheets and pillow cases with ones made from natural materials such as linen, bamboo and cotton. Not only are they soft and breathable – perfect for the summer heat –  they also draw away mositure more effectively.


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