Fac51 – The Haçienda X Cutler & Gross

The former Manchester, and often cited as the original Superclub, the Haçienda is widely regarded as the most iconic nightclub in the history of nightclubbing, open from 1982 to 1997, it has been acknowledged as reinventing and reinvigorating the nightclub genre. The former boat showroom in Manchester’s city centre was at the forefront of music, fashion and youth culture at its peak – and, for many, became the spiritual home of acid house music.

Owned by Factory Records and equally iconic electro band New Order, the unique and eclectic super club was instrumental in the careers of The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Oasis, plus global DJs like Sasha, and The Chemical Brothers, plus even served as the venue for, someone called Madonna, first UK live TV appearance.

For this inspired collaboration, Cutler & Gross’s key shapes from their extensive design archive are seen through the lens of The Haçienda’s heyday, reinvented with flair and special regard for the music, colour and fashion of that time. The collection comprises ten styles, broken down into six opticals and four sunglasses, that possess

a distinctly retro and luxurious feel, each defined by a statement size, colour and/or tinted lenses.

The collection campaign aims to capture the enduring appeal of one of the most celebrated venues in the history of nightclubbing. Inspired by the pure kinetic energy in between those four walls of The Haçienda, this dynamic campaign is meant to feel like snapshots of a hot, sweaty, but ultimately, euphoric night of dancing.

The talent is shot close together in groups, edges of energised bodies just out of frame, giving the illusion of a packed out nightclub whilst each style from the collection has its own moment within the scene.

Shot by cultural provocateur and world-renowned photographer Rankin, who exploded onto the scene in the 90s with his irreverent style and way of capturing youth culture in its most evocative form. He co-founded legendary British fashion magazine Dazed and Confused in 1991

with Jefferson Hack, changing the face of publishing by showcasing the best of Britart and Britpop with a fiercely youth-driven ethic.


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