The Most Significant Men’s Fashion Collaborations in 2022

Words by Melissa Chorlton

The last couple of years have been challenging for people. From the global pandemic to the war in the Ukraine, times are still hard and everyone feels physically and mentally drained. This is why fashion has taken a turn and has come out with a range of new styles with designers collaborating with one another to show unity in a world that is more polarised than ever. With a record number of collaborations in the fashion industry last year, 2022 was thought to have quietened down, but this is far from true. 2022 has brought some huge collaborations from the top design houses in the world like Supreme, Gucci, Balenciaga and much more. In this article, we will go through some of the most significant men’s fashion collaborations in 2022.

Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga

Ye has been in the public eye a lot this year, from unacceptable and controversial statements to ruining his ties with his fashion label. Everything was looking up for the brand t the start of the year when his Yeezy Gap collaborated with Balenciaga’s creative director Demna Gvasalia to create a whole new collaboration between all three brands called Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga.

Its first fashion drop was in February with a range of garments including jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, denim jackets, joggers and puffer jackets with prices ranging from $120 up to $440 when purchased from the stores, obviously these pieces cost more from resellers due to them being difficult to find.

Adidas for Prada Re-Nylon

Prada and Adidas started their collaboration journey in 2019, and have already released two collections. In January they collaborated once again for the Adidas for Prada Re-Nylon collection which is now their third collection together. This collaboration has brought out its first capsule collection of co-branded clothes and accessories.

The two brands have rethought fashion and have turned their classic sportswear into a sustainably focused eco-friendly approach. Instead of using the classic nylon is now been replaced with Prada Re-Nylon which is made completely of plastic waste from the oceans. The garments included were anoraks, bags, backpacks, tracksuits and much more.

Burberry x Supreme

Burberry and Supreme partnered up in March for a spring collaboration drop which included a classic trench coat collection, a range of puffer jackets hoodies, jeans and much more to create a uniform. The collection reimagined the timelessness of Burberry by using the classic plaid print but paired with the Supremes streetwear silhouette.

Givenchy x Disney

In May, Matthew Williams, creative director at Givenchy partnered with the renowned Disney for a fashion collaboration called “The Wonder Gallery” for a limited edition capsule collection. The collab focused on a range of tees and hoodies with iconic Disney characters, silhouettes and icons inspired by some of the biggest Disney movies such as 101 Dalmatians, Bambi and Frozen. This isn’t the only time they collaborated as in 2013, Bambi made an appearance on a Givenchy sweatshirt.

Adidas x Gucci

Adidas has been busy in 2022 and is probably one of the most talked about collaborations this year with Gucci. The initial collection debuted in June and quickly went out of sale as soon as it launched. The collaboration focused on creating super luxury sportswear that ties in with the vintage aesthetic of Adidas original. The collection has a range of garments to offer including sweatbands, running shorts, track tops and much more. The collab used the Adidas Trefoil with the Gucci name to create a truly unique aesthetic.

Louis Vuitton x Nike “Air Force One”

One of the most significant men’s fashion collaborations in 2022 has got to be Louis Vuitton’s homage to its late designer Virgil Abloh. The brand teamed up with Nike in May 2022 to release a complete range of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers that were designed by Abloh himself in a collab between the fashion house and Nike. There are many collab designer trainers released in 2022, but this collaboration was more than just two brands coming together, it was about creating a legacy for Virgil to be remembered by.

Swatch x Omega

This is hands down a collaboration that nobody saw coming. Omega and Swatch collaborated which has made many watch enthusiasts hide under their covers and has caused outrage among resellers. Hype beast culture is a huge trend in 2022, and more people than ever are turning to special pieces, well this Swatch x Omega collab is definitely something for the streetwear-focused man. In the future, we should start to see more of this form of collaboration with other watch brands.

Balenciaga x Crocs

We couldn’t not have Crocs on this list. One of the most controversial collaborations ever. Crocs are one of the ugliest and worst-looking footwear to have ever been created, but for some reason, they are flying off the shelves. With this in mind, pair it with one of the hottest brands in the world Balenciaga and it is an unstoppable force. The first collab they had created a range of bags, high-heeled Crocs and posh wellies. Now, the new collaboration focuses on HardCrocs which looks like a young goths fantasy. They still have the same ugly silhouette, but with an extra platform with nuts and bolts plastered over them. They come in both mens and women, so you will definitely see a selection of people wearing these pieces.

There have definitely been some amazing collaborations with brands in 2022, keep a look out for what is coming in 2023 for some more extravagant collaborations from your favourite brands.


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