Fashion sees a 830% rise in demand – Stranger Things happen

It’s arrived !!!!!!! Yes series 4B has finally dropped on Netflix, that’s me sorted then and in the last month alone, Google searches for Stranger Things inspired fashion have increased by 250%. Similarly, eCommerce savings platform WeThrift reported up to a 830% increase in shoppers searching for discounts at Netflix Stranger Thing merchandise stores. 

With this in mind, the team of trend experts at WeThrift have compiled this list for those of you looking to spice up your wardrobe with some iconic Stranger Things 80s inspired fashion as the eagerly awaited second volume of season 4 arrives.

Here are some sought after 80s essentials to take your outfits to the upside down. 

1 Trucker Cap

Google searches for Dustin’s adorable ‘Thinking Cap’ have rien by 482% in the past month, meaning an inspired trucker cap is an absolute essential for your Stranger Things look. If you really want to go all out 80s, pair your permed hair or on your mullet for increased authenticity. 

2 Baseball T-Shirt 

Want to be a member of the infamous Hellfire Club? Since searches for the tee have risen by 400%, now’s the time to join the club. A simple black and white baseball t-shirt with or without a graphic will be a great substitute for your Hellfire Club uniform. They look great paired with a classic chequered over-shirt or a denim jacket.

3 Converse 

One 80s fashion staple that has never truly died is the classic pair of converse. The variation of colours available from black, burgundy and cream means a pair of converse can be styled with absolutely anything. Match it with the block colours on your baseball tee and a classic pair of jeans for the perfect 80s look.

4 Baseball Jacket

Channel your inner-Lucas with a casual baseball jacket in a plethora of colours. This timeless yet very 80s look can be worn with absolutely anything as it pairs perfectly with any outfit. 

5 Flannel Shirt

Another timeless 80s look is the flannel shirt. The flannel has endless versatility, it can be worn buttoned up, as an overshirt or around the waist. They’re available in a wide variety of colours and patterns – so the possibilities for a demon-slaying outfit are endless

6 Mom Jeans 

Finally, we have the iconic mom jeans. OK, maybe not one for all the lads, but these high-waisted and loose-legged jeans absolutely scream 80s and are perfect for a casual look with a flannel, converse and a cap. To make them as authentic as possible, make sure they’re stone-washed and in an edgy rock-style with acid washed denim fabric. 


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