Essential Footwear brands to look out for in 2021

Words by Emma Collins

 will always be one of the best investments you can make for yourself, especially that it has the capability to make or break your whole outfit. To just make a subtle change such as your shoes, it can easily make you look smarter and more professional. In this article, we will be listing down the best shoe brands for men that will serve as a guide for you for your next purchase of shoes.

With these brands, you will never be wrong as they provide the highest quality of a product. Moreover, each brand specializes in a type of shoe they produce so you will definitely find the right shoe brand for your own preference.

Belvedere Shoes

Belvedere Shoes is one of the rising brands in the past decades as they have redefined what a comfortable yet fashionable shoe should be. They have recruited one of the greatest Italian artisans to craft each piece of shoe with the most intricate designs and comfortable structure. Because of their strong dedication to quality shoes, all of the pairs of shoes that they produce are refined in every aspect. Every single year, they continue to add more variations of sizes, colors, and styles with their shoes so you will surely never go wrong with this brand!

Steven Land

This brand has been famous for its exquisite and trendsetting fashionable men’s clothing and accessories. As one of the best and most distinguishable brands, Steven Land produces a wide variety of high-quality, head-turner shoes and garments that will bring the best in you. Each design is carefully crafted in-house by talented designers and artists to bring you cutting edge fashion and newly transformed ideas. Steven Land is popular for its incredible dual-toned loafer shoes that have a unique pattern that can easily be paired with any suit and coat. No wonder that wherever you go, everyone will notice the bold and stylish Steven Land brand!


Mezlan shoes have become one of the household names, especially by the shoe connoisseurs. When this brand made its way back to the shoe market industry, it has continued to expand its shoe production and evolved the quality of their products. This brand is known for their creativity and passion for formulating the best materials for their shoes. In addition, they have a huge collection that you will surely be able to find one that suits your own preference. All of their shoes come in amazing styles that will never get old and will still be in style for the next years to come.

Finding the right brands for you is a very painful task to do so hopefully this article has narrowed down the options that you have to choose from when you finally buy your next pair.

There are various variables to consider when choosing the right brands, so it is definitely possible that you will not only stick to one brand. You may even have three favorite brands for different types of shoes just like sports shoes for Nike while casual shoes for Adidas. Instead, may this article serve as a guide in finding what are the good shoe brands in the market for men.


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