5 Styling Hacks to Look Expensive on a Budget

Looking good is a godsend, but not everyone has the means to always look dressed to the nines daily, especially if they’re working a nine-to-five. That doesn’t mean that fashion is for those who can afford it. Your clothes can look expensive if you know how to style them right.

Having a fashion sense is not mandatory, but it helps bolster your self-confidence and overall make you feel more in control with daily dealings in your life. Great style is not fixed on a bracket of a certain amount of money.

There are ways you can get around to having a budget. If you happen to have a closet full of clothes that you don’t fully utilize, take some time to go over everything you have. If you have clothes you haven’t worn and don’t plan to, you can eithersell them online for a profit or donate them. Either way, you’re freeing up precious closet space and getting rid of things you don’t need.

Not really convinced that you can look luxe on a budget? Here are styling hacks and tips to help you.

Invest in Classic Pieces

Quality will always trump quantity. Instead of buying the latest trendy clothes, keep it simple by investing in classic pieces that you can keep reusing for longer. Quality items will not wear out as much as the trendy pieces will. If you buy them in neutral colors, they are versatile to be paired with any existing clothing you have.

Repair What You Can

Stains, missing buttons, and stubborn zippers are annoying. If you are thinking of throwing away clothing that has these, consider repairing it yourself. You can extend the shelf life of damaged garments by applying DIY remedies. Spot-cleaning with a sponge or a toothbrush if you see pen marks can do wonders on your clothes.

Learning how to sew is a handy skill to have. Going to the tailor can be expensive, especially if the damage is a little tear or the seam coming undone. Do it yourself by picking up a needle and thread. If you are interested in ruined-cloth hacks, check out thisarticle.

Never Wear Wrinkled Clothes

Carelessly handling or storing clothes can make them wrinkled. It can be an inconvenience to see a garment you anticipate wearing have unsightly wrinkles. It can be unbecoming to don clothes that are rumpled and creased, so you should iron them before putting it on and going out.

Better yet, invest in a steaming iron instead of the traditional one. Most clothes made with synthetic fabrics like polyester are sensitive to heat and run the risk of getting misshapen or burned. A steamer is an alternative way to get wrinkle-free clothes.

Black Always Looks Expensive

There’s a reason black is one of the most favored shades in the color spectrum. There are a lot of things that the shade is credited for, and it can be described in words such as elegant, slimming, and uncomplicated. Black clothes make the wearer look more sophisticated, and while the reasons vary, they are universally understood.

Additionally, dark clothes make the wearer appear visually thinner, and that is why self-conscious men and women prefer to wear black: to make their bodies look sleeker. If you’re new to fashion and don’t have a lot of knowledge or experience in bold prints and patterns, black on black is a safe choice.

There are many perks to wearing black, apart from the aesthetic. It is a versatile shade that pairs perfectly with any color. If you are a messy eater, you can feast with abandon when you wear black because it hides any food stains. Remember that when you’re going to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Alter Clothes to Fit Better

Not everyone can afford bespoke clothing. Make the best out of clothes you can buy off the rack by making them fit your frame better. This idea also works for pieces you adore but are not available in your size.

It can be a pain to go to a tailor to have your clothing altered and expensive in bulk, but remember that it is a good investment. It is certainly cheaper to alter clothes than to buy expensive ones. If you have the skills and equipment like a sewing machine to do it, then why not do it yourself?

What other styling hacks do you know of that are not listed above? Share your tips in the comments section below.


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